Slip Rings

The range of Ravioli Slip Rings is wide and versatile and it is the result of our experience developed in many different fields of application through 90 years of activity.
Numerous optional accessories like encoders, position sensors, air passage and wiring are available upon request.
These Slip Rings are electromechanical devices which constantly assure the electric continuity among two parts of an engine – one fixed and the other one in rotatory movement.
They are composed by rings, brushes and brush-holders and they come in both an open version and in a closed execution protected by thermoplastic or metallic material with several protection degrees.
All the mechanical parts are designed, projected and manufactured with extreme precision by Ravioli and they are protected by antioxidant materials and specific paintings and processing to guarantee a long lasting product.
Both the rings and the brushes can be realised with different and composite materials, which are perfectly suitable to the most sophisticated signals and power supplies, currently used in the market.
Ravioli Slip Rings can be combined to fluidic joints suitable for air and liquid passage. All electro-fluidic joints are manufactured with high standard quality materials and specifically designed to satisfy our customers’ needs.
Our staff of technicians and designers is available to quickly respond to the market’s requests, thanks to focused on-site visits, rapid planning and the immediate realisation of prototypes.
In our laboratory, our qualified team constantly carries out standard quality tests on all our slip rings to guarantee the proper conformity to in-force Norms and Regulations. Specific tests upon request might be carried out if needed by our customers.

PM Series

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