Hetronic is a leading provider of EX (Explosion Proof) receivers that are designed to meet your regional and international approvals such as ATEX, NEC, and FM.   We have experience in providing EX systems that are compliant to Zone 1&2 Gas and  Zone 21 & 22 DUST requirements. Each EX receiver is engineered to order and customized to our customers’ specific applications. Hetronic understands the critical nature of operating your heavy equipment in hazardous environments. Regardless of whether your application is operating equipiment in a mine, on an oil and gas rig, in a petrochemical plant or any application where Explosion  Proof devices are required, Hetronic can create the right solution to protect operators and equipment in dangerous situations. We have been providing  intrinsically safe receivers and transmitters to our customers for over 20 years and will work with you to create the right solution for your application.

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ZONE 1 & 2 GAS

Custom designed to meet Hazardous Zone 1 & 2 Gas receivers are made to customer specific applications. The EX marking for these zones include II 2G Ex d [Ex ia Ga/ib Gb] IIC T6 Gb and is offered in Type Size 4, 5 and 6. Hetronic also offers Zone 1 & 2 Gas  receivers with Exe in the same type sizes.

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  • Custom designed to meet customer applications
  • Tested and Certified for EX


Designed to meet customers’ specific hazardous zone requirements, Hetronic will provide GRP Enclosures in two different sizes. For EX Marking requiring II 3G Ex nR (1a IIC Gb) IIC T4 Gc, Hetronic can provide receivers that are not only tested and certified to EX but will design the right receiver features to deliver the best possible transmitter/receiver combination possible.

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  • Custom designed to meet or exceed EX
  • Special GRP enclosures available in two sizes

ZONE 21 & 22 DUST

Hetronic Explosion proof (EX) receivers are ATEX, NEC, and FM approved.  For hazardous Zone 21 & 22 Dust we will design and deliver a solution that meets your specific requirements. Hetronic can provide the EX receiver in enclosures that range from Exd type Size 4,5 and 6 to Exd with Exe or GRP enclosures in two sizes.

All Hetronic EX receivers offer a wide range of digital or proportional outputs, are fully-customizable and engineered to order.

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  • Can provide EX II 2D, II 2D exe and II 3D
  • Customized to meet specific EX requirements
  • Decoders available for enclosures listed
  • Cable control option available