Hetronic Explosion Proof (EX) radio remote controls  are designed to exacting industry standards for hazardous or potentially explosion-endangered areas. Each EX transmitter and receiver system is custom engineered to comply with local and international regulatory requirements and are approved to ATEX , IEC EX and NEC. Every Hetronic system is designed and built to be intrinsically safe and will operate in the most challenging environmental and working conditions without fail year after year.

Using our base transmitter, NOVA, GL, GR, Euro and ERGO, we will design and produce built-to-order systems that will withstand shock, ensure safe operation of the intended equipment and are made with the highest grade function switches, levers and  and joysticks available. Hetronic Ex transmitters and receivers are used world-wide in applications ranging from mining to oil & gas platforms, petrochemical plants,  grain elevators and virtually every hazardous environment industry. When customers need the ultimate in safe, efficient and reliable wireless transmitters and receivers to operate equipment and machinery in hazardous environments Hetronic professional radio remote control systems provide the highest value and return-on-investment.

EX Transmitter

GL EX Transmitter

EX Receivers