We have a team of expertise in setting up small ports, logistics platform, dry ports and other cargo handling facilities. Our scope includes the following;

  • Due diligence on financial efficiency
  • Type of equipment
  • Civil works
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • IT Systems
  • Finance and administration

We are able to provide you with an A-Z of your project from concept till operations. Do email us your project and we will be able to advise you in details.


We have a team of very experience engineering team who are able to perform the following;

  • Upgrading of crane electrical drive
  • Operator cabin fabrication and replacement
  • Wire rope replacement
  • Engine overhaul and replacement
  • Elevator replacement / maintenance
  • Relocation of STS and RTG
  • Scraping of STS/RTG/RMGC
  • New/used crane supply & delivery
  • New/used port equipment supply & delivery
  • CCTV systems

Do email us your project and we will be able to advise you in details.


We have partner with factories that are specialise and have stringent quality controls. Below are some of the parts that we able to offer;

  • Rope sheave (full forge/roll forge/casting)
  • Trolley wheel
  • Spreader twistlock
  • Spreader headblock
  • Electrical panels (with/without wiring and components)
  • Operator console (with/without wiring and components)
  • Special tools and Jigs

Other than the above, we are able to provide other fabrications. Do email us your inquiries and we will attend to your requirements.


We supplied various port equipment and crane spare parts to various ports user and contractors around the world. We can even work out an inventory monitoring system that cater to your equipment maintenance needs.

Other than port equipment spare parts, we are able to assist port user to source, deliver and commission the following equipment below;

  • Used STS/RTG
  • Used barges
  • Used tugs

Do email us if you need any of our assistance if you sourcing. We will advise according to your requirements.