STROS Industrial Elevators

Stros has half a century of engineering experience and specializes chiefly in access equipment. You can find our products in the ports and building sites all over the world, from Arctic Circle to the tropics, from USA to Singapore.

We Design, Manufacture, Install and Service. We take great pride in customizing solutions for customers with unique applications.

Our products are high quality, reliable and respected worldwide. Our customers also appreicate our excellent warranty and after sales services, as well as supply of spare parts.

Our long-term experience and application of high quality materials gives a sound guarantee of reliability and ensure that all requirements for the safety and reliability of operation are met.

Elevators for Port Cranes STS RTG RMGC
Elevators for Port Cranes (STS, RTG, RMGC)

Capacity: 400kg, 450kg, 500kg
Drives: 2x 4kW helical bevel motor with Nord gearbox
Drive System: DOL or VFD
Control system: Single automatic with calling from landings
Protective degree: IP54, IP55

> Emergency lowering devices
> Overload detection
> Automatic rack lubrication
> Telephone
> Remote monitoring sytem

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Construction Hoist Personnel Material
Construction Hoist (Personnel / Material)

Loaded capacity: 600 - 3200 kg
Rated speed: 0 - 100 m/min
Max. lifting height: 350 m
Cage internal dimension: 2 - 4.2 x 1.5 x 2.45 - 2.53m
Motor control: DOL / FC
No. of motors: 1 - 3
Safety device type: KZ3A / KZ3B / KZ5
Power supply range: 3PH 50Hz 400VAC
Type of mast: Tubular steel with integrated rack
Length of mast section: 1508 mm
Weight of mast section with 1 rack: 125 - 190 kg
Rack module: 8

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Special Purpose Industrial Elevators
Special Purpose Industrial Elevators

Pay load capacity: 300 - 3600 kg
Travel speed: up to 90 m/min
Service height: up to 350 m
Cabin internal dimension: 0.9-2 x 0.9 - 4.2 x 2.5 m (WxLxH)
Door clear opening: variable
Door clear height: 2 m
Mast section length: 1508 mm
Mast section type: I (ladder), H (half), S(Standard)
Power supply: 3PH 50Hz 400VAC
Control circuit voltage: 110VAC
Outlet voltage: 110 ~ 230VAC 1PH
Motor control: DOL / VFC

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Work Platforms
Work Platforms

We have 3 different models to suit your applications i.e. WP1000, WP2000 and WP3000.

Max load capacity: 1000 ~ 3000 kg
Max. lenght of platform: Single mast / Twin mast
Travel speed: up to 25 m/min
Max. height of free-standing platform: 8 ~ 22 m
Max. height of tied platform: 100 ~ 150 m

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Suspended platforms are designed as modular construction, which makes it possible to assemble any size in the range of 2 to 12 meters.

All steel parts of the platform and suspension beams are hot dip galvanized.

The supporting structure of the platform is welded of quality steel profiles, the floor is made of aluminum sheeting with an antiskid surface. The individual platform sections are bolted together with graded bolts and self locking nuts. The platform is equipped with wheels for transfer on the construction site.

The drive of the platform is ensured by a coupling of lifting units equipped in accordance with the ESN EN 1808 standards with:

> Overload protection device
> Overspeed safety device
> Slack rope safety device
> “No Power” emergency descent
> Automatic levelling system
> Top limit switch

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