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Brand: EMG (Thruster)

Original Seal Kit / Repair Kit (Material: NBR)

For model: Ed 301/6, Ed 201/6, Ed 121/6, Ed 80/6, Ed 30/5, Ed 23/5

Brand: Baumer

Model: POG 10 DN 1024 I

Incremental Optical Encoder (New)

Brand: Baumer

Model: HOG 10 DN 1024 I

Incremental optical encoder (New)

Brand: Baumer

P/N: 11129693

Model: EIL580P-TN 10.5RF.01024.B

Qty: 1 pc (New)

Brand: ICAN

Descriptions: Automatic Wear Compensator fpr Brake Model IB14-2 or SB14-2

Qty: 2 pc (New)

Brand: ICAN

Descriptions: Brake Lining for Brake Model IB30-13

Qty: 1 set (New)

Brand: Spohn & Burkhardt

Description: Optical Encoder

Model: OER8-G (Gray Code)

Qty: 1 pc (Brand New)

Brand: VIPA

P/N: Ps307/2,5

Specifications: IN AC 100-240V, 700-300mA, 50-60Hz, Output DC24V, 4A(peak)

Qty: 1 pc (New)

Brand: SIBA

Product: Fuse (P/N:3001013.63)

Specifications: In 63A

Qty: 1 pc (New)